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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Finished: 15mm Korean Artillery

And they're done. I took them into work today to spray them with matt varnish during my lunch break, then flocked them this evening.

And pics:

Regimental Gun Markers

Obviously one of them needs a little touching up. Not sure how that happened.

Medium and Heavy Guns

I haven't decided yet what to paint next. I might go for some more 15mm SYW Russians - there's a big game at the club on the August bank holiday Monday and I have figures primed for the final dragoon regiment and two regiments of combined grenadiers.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Proof of Life

Errmmm, yes, well...

So, my re-emergence onto the blogosphere back in June proved to be very short-lived. Well, I'm back now and hopefully I won't disappear again. Let's just put it down to me getting sidetracked by DVD box-sets, playing some wargames at the club  and not having any mini painting to show off.

At the club, we're now into phase 2 of our ADLG competition - anything AD (or CE if you prefer) so long as it doesn't have heavy knights. I've opted for the Yi Korean list as it gives me a chance to get those yous out on the table. Unlike the FoG lists, the Korean foot is in separate bow/crossbow and melee weapon units, the latter being "mediocre pikemen" rather than medium foot heavy weapon. I might have to order a few more packs of Korean infantry to represent them properly (12 figures on a 40x40mm base) but for now I'm just using two bases of medium foot (6 figures!) for each element.

I've played three games so far - the first two were against Ottomans and were fairly close losses. My third game was against Teutonic knights and was a close win. I've got pics of the two Ottoman games and will post AARs this week (hopefully) but I forgot my camera for on Thursday so no write-up of that game. I've got another game on Monday and Thursday, against more Ottomans and then Ghaznavids - I will remember to pack my camera for those.

I have been doing a little bit of painting this weekend, some additions to my Koreans. They're almost done now - I just need to ink wash and drybrush the bases, matt varnish them and add some static grass. Here's a WIP pic to keep you going:

Yes, some medium and heavy artillery, some light pieces as "regimental gun" markers for FoGR and two spare cannons. The artillery crews and light pieces are Grumpys (ordered from Eureka and picked up at Salute); the heavier pieces are (I think) Blue Moon and were excess from my Buccaneers project.

Monday, 19 June 2017

AAR - Nubians vs Achaemenid Persians (ADLG)

Last Monday night I got back my Nubians into the club's ADLG competition with a game against Dave A's Persians. He won the initiative and chose to attack me in "plains" (roughly translates as agricultural).

Having won the initiative, Dave's army advanced rapidly, but stayed just out of shooting range of my massed bowmen.

In my turn I advanced so that I was just inside shooting range and loosed some volleys off - I did inflict some damage, but not as much as I'd have liked.

Unfortunately, being just inside shooting range meant that I was also inside charging range of the Persian cavalry and scythed chariots on my left wing and centre.

"Errmm aren't we meant to win dramatically against light-medium bowmen in the open?"

Meanwhile, my right wing archers were teeing up to get slaughtered by cavalry, swordsmen and an elephant...

I didn't have many troops not engaged in melee for my turn, so not much movement. However, I managed to destroy the scythed chariots (sadly not worth any attrition points) and do some more damage to the cavalry with the general. But one element of archers got wiped out.

On my left wing, the archers had killed off the light horse who had tried to sneak around the flank and were now switching their efforts to the light horse behind the cavalry. Yup, the cavalry who were getting beaten up by bowmen in the open. Actually, I forgot to say that the two units on the right (with white kilts) are elite medium foot swordsmen.

Over to the right wing where Dave's swordsmen and elephant had charged and wiped out a whole bunch of my bowmen.

In the centre he had disengaged his battered cavalry - which meant I couldn't shoot at them this turn.

Back to the left wing where one of his cavalry units had finally broken a unit of elite swordsmen.

On the right wing, I'd lost another unit of bowmen, but some elite swordsmen had hit some severely hurt cavalry in the flank.

On the left, some javelinmen had finally got into position to join the combat with the cavalry, sounding the deathknell to the end unit.

Sadly not quite in time as I'd lost enough units in this turn to break my army.

I'd lost 32 points from a 28 break-point army; Dave had lost 20 from 25.

Thursday's game was against Clive's host of Carthage. I lost spectacularly - 36 points from 28 vs 4 from 24. It didn't help that I'd lost the initiative and Clive decided to defend in "plains", that the only piece of terrain on my half of the table was a plantation right on the left edge, that I stupidly didn't consider that Clive might send his cavalry command on a flank march to come in on my right, that there were no troops facing my left wing so they would have to do a long march to get anywhere useful, that I had really awful dice all night and that Clive's flank march came in on his second turn, leaving me with no time to redeploy to deal with it. oh well, such is life...

Anyway, tomorrow they are facing andy F's Hebrews - hopefully I'll have luckier dice.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Breaking Silence

And I'm back to blogging. Sorry for the silence on here for the last few weeks. I've had various things keeping me occupied which have meant a distinct lack of hobbying, but that's all over now.

In the past week I have had two games of ADLG - I forgot to take my camera for Thursday's game but did get pics of Monday's game - I'll be writing up an AAR next and will schedule it to post tomorrow night. I've got games set up for the next two Mondays and Thursdays and will try to do AARs for all of them. These are for our club's competition.

This afternoon I actually got back to the paint desk - just putting a basecoat of burnt umber down on the dice holders I showed primed in the last post. I'll drybrush them and add some static grass on Tuesday night. I also need to do a priming session with the airbrush this week.

The Future of this Blog

During my absence, I have been giving some thought to my blogging and made some decisions. Rather than posting constant WIP pics, I'm going to do a single "on the workbench post" each week and will only do posts of figures once they are finished. I think that is better overall.

I'll also do AARs (when I remember to take my camera and take pics) and show reports.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

On The Workbench

As the weather was so changeable yesterday, I wasn't able to prime the dice frames and casualty figures so I took them into work with me today and primed them at lunchtime.

Yesterday I did glue the grenadiers, dragoons, Koreans and Eureka SYW command groups onto painting sticks. This evening I had a supergluing sessions - dragoons onto horses, legs onto map tables and rammers into the hands of Korean artillery crew.

Tomorrow will be a priming session with the airbrush to get them ready for painting. I think I'll end up painting the Korean artillery first as they should be a quick job.

This evening I also did some sorting of figures purchased at Salute into bags for prep during my lunch breaks at work.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sunday Update

You'll be glad to hear that the lack of posts since last Saturday is not a case of post-Salute funk; I simply didn't have anything in particular to show off or write about until today. Largely because I've been busy reading most evenings.

However, I haven't been completely idle on the hobby front. I've been prepping some of the figures I'd bought at Salute - the various SYW commanders from Eureka and the Essex grenadiers and dragoons for my SYW Russians. If you're wondering about the grenadiers, they will be for combined grenadier battalions which means that I don't have to paint flags!

Today I've spent a bit of time with the airbrush, priming the Sea Peoples army. That took me three sessions and I was worried that I was going to run out of the light grey primer - luckily I had enough in the bottle.

Chariots, ox-cart and foot command

Medium/light foot 

Heavy/medium foot

Somehow, when I was planning my purchases for the army I slightly miscalculated how many packs I would need. I'd forgotten about the foot command figures so I've actually got more figures than I actually need, although it will allow me to represent the retinue warriors as both heavy foot and medium foot. And do a few extra bases of medium foot javelinmen in case I want to use the army as Philistines.

Not much more to report today. I will try to get some painting done this week, but haven't decided what it will be just yet. And then painting will have to take a break for a week or so as my flat will be in chaos - I'm having all my windows replaced.

Update to the update:

I've done a bit more this evening - gluing SYW casualty figures and dice frames onto bases:

They'll get primed tomorrow.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Salute 2017

Well, I've been home for a few hours, taken pics of my loot, uploaded and resized all the pics I took, put (most) things away and had a bit of a relax watching TV so I guess it's time to do my Salute post.

I got into the ExCel centre and joined the queue at about 0950 and finally got into the hall at about 1020. I'm not sure how they did the letting in last year (I was in early on a press pass) but it was so much better two years ago where they let in one rank at a time. This year you had to snake back and forward before finally getting in - I must have walked close to a mile doing that.

There seemed to be more open space (and seating areas) this year which is no bad thing. I'm not sure if that was down to a somewhat larger hall or if there were less traders. I think it may have been a combination of the two.

I didn't take many pics of games this year. Overall I was less impressed with the games than on previous occasions, but there were a few stunning tables. Of course, there were a couple that I spotted and thought I'd go back and take pics later but managed to forget. There also seemed to be a big increase in the number of small demo game tables associated with companies.

Pics of Games

Fort Mosquito

Fort Mosquito

Fort Mosquito

Fort Mosquito

Fort Mosquito

Tribal, Primeval and Eureka's "Mad Maximillian" cars

Big Red Bat's "Raphia" game



VBCW naval game

VBCW naval game

VBCW naval game

Bloggers' Meet

At 1pm various bloggers gathered by the painting comp display for the now traditional meetup. There were less of us this year than last, but still a good crowd ad it was nice to catch up with folks in person.

I've posted both pics because both cut off someone at opposite ends. In the pic are Legatus, Alastair, Postie, The Wilde Goose, (someone at the back - Dave?), Big Lee's Padawan, Big Lee, Big Red Bat, moi, Fantorical Simon, (someone), Carl Packham, (someone), Ray/Badger/Sandbagger, Provost Marshall, Michael Awdry, Al.
Eric the Shed was also there, but isn't in the pics for some reason.

Bob Cordery turned up after the photos had been taken and it was good to finally meet and chat with him.

I eventually left at about 3pm and encountered the odd experience of having to queue to get down to the DLR platform. I guess that was down to Customs House station being closed and everybody (not just Salute - there was also the London Marathon registration and a few other shows on) having to use the Prince Regent station.

The Loot


The Salute goodies

Various odds and ends

These were actually my final purchase of the day. I decided that I want to try out the Honours of War rules, but didn't want to fork out (and spend months/years painting) another 15mm army for the SYW so I opted for some Baccus 6mm. The small blisters are two extra packs of infantry, one of dragoons and one of artillery. That will give me 16 infantry regiments, 6 cuirassier, 8 dragoon, 3 hussar and 6 artillery batteries. I'm going to do them as "imaginations".

From Warbases I got various bases for figures and terrain. Also some small bases and dice frames.

Freebies from Warbases.

I managed to restrain myself at Bad Squiddo Games and left with just the new WW2 Soviet women packs (the deal for these three packs was £30 instead of £34 to buy the packs separately) and didn't buy any of the "gunny peegs" despite serious temptation.

Some more bits for Salutesville, including the "Lady Sarah" for my pulp seamen

Some reinforcements from Essex for my SYW Russians: figures for two combined grenadier regiments and another dragoon regiment - I discovered that I'd somehow missed the Nizhegorodskiy regiment which fought at Palzig and Gross-Jagersdorf.

I picked up my pre-order from Eureka. I'd ordered some Grumpy's Korean artillery (I need to crew figures for medium and heavy guns), some Eureka 18mm SYW command groups (which I'll be painting as gifts for the other contenders in the side duel during the Challenge) and some sample figures to see how they fit with the Essex. The Cossack looks OK, but the infantry are noticeably larger.
I also cooed over the "Mad Maximillian" cars, but then I saw the prices and decided against buying them.

From Timecast I picked up some 6mm black powder era buildings for SYW gaming and some 10mm North African houses to represent a village with my desert terrain.

Last of all is my pre-order from Foundry - a few groups of their 2000AD figures to make crews for Rogue Stars.
Judges - Dredd, Giant, Tech Judge Deex, Psi Judge Anderson, Psi Judge Karyn
Stronty Dogs - Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer, Middenface McNulty, Durham Red, Torso
ABC Warriors - RoJaws, Hammerstein, Joe Pineapples, Black Blood, Morrigun

I didn't take a pic, but I picked up the new issue of Wargames Illustrated and foresook the 5p change so that I could get their Richard III figure.

All in all a good haul

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